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Apple’s X Factor—Decoded in 5 simple charts

Apple launched its first iPhone on June 29, 2007, at a sticker price of $600. Apple fanboys and early adopters waited for hours outside retail stores to get their hands on the then-futuristic gadget. It became a “blockbuster” success, changing the fortunes of Apple and its shareholders forever. It also sounded the death knell for companies like BlackBerry & Nokia—killing two birds with one stone


And after a decade, as you, along with swathes of others wait outside Apple stores with the same frenzy and vigor, remember this—had you purchased the Apple stock on June 29, 2007, for $600 instead of buying the first gen iPhone, you would be having approx. $38,800 in your wallet today and could have purchased iPhone X’s for your entire family including your in-laws! Yes, you read that right—an astounding 6350% return in just 10 years!


And if this just made you think, drop out of the queue right now**, and head home to invest that $1000 in a good stock and read on….

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Sending its shares up over 3%+ aftermarket, $AAPL reported 12% improvement in 4Q17 revenue to $52.6 Billion, despite the fact that its priciest model is just hitting the stores. Net income rose to $10.71 Billionfrom $9.01Bil a year ago, while EPS jumped 24% to $2.07 per share.

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Revenues from Americas rose 14% and that from Europe rose 20%. While, the usual dark spot, Greater China

region showed 12% growth, slightly offset by an 11% decline in Japan. In rest of Asia Pacific, revenue

edged up 5%.


Apple’s outlook for the current holiday quarter just blew every Wall St. analysts mind—the tech giant expects a record revenue of $84–87 Billion, and gross margin between 38% and 38.5%. Apple said that it anticipates operating expenses between $7.65Bil and $7.75Bil during this period

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Setting a new record, Apple’s services business witnessed a revenue spike of 34% in 4Q17 to $8.5Bil. Apple’s services business includes iCloud, Apple Pay, App Store, AppleCare, iTunes Store, licensing, and other services.

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**I swear to God, that wasn’t my evil plan to get people off the long lines so that I can get my hands on the X faster! *Peace*

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